Our Inalienable Right to Choose

red-geoWhile I did not vote for President Trump, my team got an email from me the morning after the election saying, “I love Donald Trump. I love RED!”

Let me explain. Several years ago I had been in a car accident and went to Enterprise Car Rental to
replace my sweet little Lexus convertible while it was being repaired. After signing all the paperwork the agent pointed out the window to one  lonely little red Geo in the lot and said, “There’s your car.”  

I quickly turned back to ask him if I had any other options.  After letting his “nope, that is all we have” sink in, I turned back to him with excitement and said, “I LOVE RED!”

In that moment, what happens to the week I spend with that car and what is my week like if I don’t choose to love red?  Every time I got into that car I would have been unhappy, resistant, complaining and it would have created discontent.  Instead, I enjoyed that little turtle-of-a-car and ultimately, I came to appreciate why some cars don’t move when the light turns green. 😉

I believe there were a lot of people that were surprised that Donald Trump won, and out of that group I believe many were elated and just as many were devastated.  It is as if the country has been divided into two camps. Whether it is the former or later, each group is choosing to be happy or unhappy.  While you might acquiesce your happiness to who won or lost, I am not willing to do that.  Why?  Because I can always choose to be content no matter what is happening around me.  I refuse to give my power away, my life away to someone else.  Anyone else.

Along with choosing what I invest my life’s energy in, I also want to choose what I do with that energy and what impact I want to have.  If I’m busy complaining, resisting and reacting to the situation, I have now given away my power to create and instead, I am contributing to more chaos and the very thing I was resisting.

Here’s how that works.  Let’s say you didn’t want Donald Trump to win because you thought he was righteous, arrogant, and inconsiderate, threw temper tantrums, was a drama king and acted like a spoiled, self-centered child.  If I go into resistance to him, what is my behavior now co-creating in the world? How do I show up as a result of my resistance and living in frustration?

Instead of going into resistance, I want to choose intentionally to be accountable for co-creating the kind of world I want to be in partnership with the President of the United States. One of the first places I go is to take full responsibility for having projected those two candidacy choices out into the world.  As one of my clients said on his coaching call after 911, I ask myself “How did I create and contribute to that in the world?”

Here’s why this is both radical and crucial.  First, many, if not most of our problems in America have been created because no one wanted to take responsibility.  I believe we have slowly and subtly slipped into an entitlement philosophy where we default to “What about me?” instead of “What about we?”

This belief system is stealthily destructive and insidious; it has silently crept in and replaced the knowledge that we are powerful and response-able for creating whatever we want.  It has tricked us into believing that we should be receiving rather than giving and waiting rather than creating.

The first place for me to start reigniting and inspiring myself is to own my ability to create, and I invite you to do the same—because that is not only your inalienable right, but it is your Divine Design. Claim how and who you want to be in the world.

If I use Donald Trump as a mirror, I look internally to see where I am righteous, arrogant, and dismissive and controlling; I ask myself where I create drama and where I minimize and criticize others. Then, cleaning up those behaviors becomes my contribution to the world I want to live in.

Our president, whoever may they be, cannot solve the problems we have out in front of us.  That will take a commitment from each one of us.  We are all needed. The president I was hoping to appear was a president who would unite us by calling each of us all forth to take full responsibility for creating the world we want to live in.  That president would invite us to partner, each of us individually and personally, to take full responsibility for our part in creating the chaos, and our part in co-creating what we want instead.  That would be a compelling president to me.

Today I choose red.  Today I choose Donald Trump.  Today I choose to be fully responsible and accountable for creating the world I want to live in.  I have no intention of leaving this important task up to anyone else.  As Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I choose “red” because that’s where I can make a difference, where I can own my power and play my part in being response-able; creating instead of waiting and acquiescing leadership.

I hope you’ll be radical and choose that with me.  We need you.  You are a difference maker.  You matter.  Don’t give your personal power over to anyone or anything, under any circumstances.  Choose to be a creator!


  1. Start by sharing your thoughts below—what are you excited to create moving forward?

  2. Anni b. /

    Therese, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and perspective. I’m creating ways to bring more joy and lightness to every moment and every relationship. I love red!

  3. Beth Lepper /

    I want to create healing, peace and harmony in my family. I want easy flowing communication that is delivered and received with respect.

  4. “If I use Donald Trump as a mirror, I look internally to see where I am righteous, arrogant, and dismissive and controlling; I ask myself where I create drama and where I minimize and criticize others. Then, cleaning up those behaviors becomes my contribution to the world I want to live in.”

    This is a very powerful reminder of “spot it – you got it” – and that it works both ways. I can spend less time worrying about, or getting outraged by the latest slight or temper tantrum or Cabinet appointment, and focus instead of bringing positivity and co-creation into a world in which my 3 month old daughter is newly exploring.

    While I don’t want to be oblivious to what’s going on in Washington/New York, and I want to be part of the solutions we as a nation come up with, I can make sure I pay attention to the 98% of the rest of what’s going on in my world so that the great things don’t go unnoticed.

  5. This post feels so relevant and timely. When Trump won I was shocked! It was not even in my sphere of consideration that he may actually win. After the election I noticed that I did not know what action to take, and I felt a bit lost on how to create what I want given that our Commander In Chief rubs me the wrong way. Looking at how I have contributed to this and addressing those pieces within myself feel like just the right places to start.

    Holding a focus on the qualities that I appreciate about Trump and praying that he steps into being the leader that this country needs. That he presently surprises us around each turn and makes clear and powerful decisions that support more love and awareness in our country and in the world. As a matter of fact, with this polarizing election race, I start by appreciating that it does call for each of us to wake up and choose. There is no just “coasting through this” without feeling one kind of emotion or another (and for me those emotions have been intense). The good news is that helps me get clear about what I am a yes to and what I am a no to, which ultimately helps me be clear about what I want!

  6. Guy Bazilewich /

    I am hopeful that Trump will have a positive impact on the world. Therefore I am creating a hopeful attitude that I will project into the world.

    I also think it is important to have a clear and open mind-set, and if needed to remind some people that you cannot believe or be influenced by propaganda on the internet and T.V. It is important not to get wrapped up in the drama that some organizations, or people, like to perpetuate to meet their own agendas when these messages are destructive, unproductive and unsubstantiated.

    I believe we need to stay focused on the idea that the checks and balances of our democracy will provide the basis for Trump to be an effective president.

  7. I’m looking at the listening… it feels like we just won’t hear each other without listening to respond and to “be right” or stay attached to a point of view… I’m using THAT as a big mirror in my life watching for places I won’t hear or am just waiting “politely” to respond. Where I believe only my view could be true. It has been surprising to me! I was actually shutting people down as I told them to open up and explore new ideas!!! What if I just listen first instead? Now, I’m so excited to hear, really hear what people say. I get excited thinking the answers to our greatest problems are “in there” some where if we can leap frog off each other’s ideas. How cool will that be!

  8. Ericka Palmer /

    I struggle with this immensely. There is so much– too much at stake. Already, it’s pretty scary and unsettling, and Trump isn’t even in office yet. I don’t need to ‘give him a chance to govern’ because the entire campaign and the last 10 days have been more than enough. Still, I feel the effects of this resistance. It’s not serving me. I can actually, literally feel my blood pressure go up when I listen to my news podcasts or look at facebook. I have never felt like this before.

    Your post here reminded me that shifting doesn’t mean surrendering. In fact, your point about giving your power over to someone else to dictate how you feel really hit home. In my attempts to resist and fight, I’ve essentially given my power over to the election and to Trump. Ugh! It feels inauthentic to say I won’t stop fighting for human rights, for the rights and dignity of all people. The word that resonated in my head after reading this is create. Create art. Create community. Create. So this is what I’m trying to focus on.. while also probably deeply sighing at each new cabinet appointment.

  9. I, for one, woke up from the elections in sincere gratitude, and positive expectation that though both candidates were “flawed” to say the least…One could say we had the choice of “politically incorrect” versus “politically corrupt.” The one that I supported and won offered the most hopeful package to disrupt a governmental system that is fraught with runaway corruption. Mrs. Clinton, by standard media coverage, tried to use rhetoric that sounded like she had a moral upper hand to Mr. Trump. I read your comments about Trumps nature, Therese. Yet, as an individual that takes pride in doing research, taking in all sides of issues, I, as well as many Americans, found Mrs. Clinton to have more than her share of an unappealing nature. I invite you to watch One America, FOX News and get some balanced information to guide your reactions. Examining Clinton’s wikileaked emails, the Veritas Group she supported, the documentaries of Clinton Cash and Hillary’s America, the Bengazhi disgrace, lead to a reasonable person’s perception that she had been so deceptive and out of integrity that she served her own needs before that of her main role as a representative of the United States and had placed us countless times in possible peril because of her laise faire and self-serving entitlement attitude.
    When I look at her legacy I saw less hope than I did in Donald Trump’s more hopeful package. I look into his heart and see a real passion and love not only for his family but for his country.
    As far as being racially divisive, this is a false accusation in my opinion and, as you may not know, our U.S. National Diversity Coalition came out enthusiastically supporting Mr. Trump. This group did not find him the candidate of “hate.” In fact as I totally respect the lamenting of many, I do wish to kindly remind you that he was selected by the majority of the nation! A main reason actual numbers came in skued is because of the dominated population mass in California and NY.
    I appreciate what you stated Therese about “looking within” for what you complain about. As I am willing to do this, I ask all of you who were outraged by Trumps off air trash talk with Billy Bush over 10 years ago, to demand of our liberal Hollywood friends to stop making movies and games that objectify women…that glamorize death and torture…and to demand our musical artists to stop using horrific lyrics about “hoe’s” and “f’n pimpin’ this and that” … And, how many of us Have JayZ’s song Dirt Off Your Shoulder, that he sang at Clinton’s public fundraiser, stored on your playlist…or your kids? We do need to clean up our own acts in America, that is for sure. I hear that as women we don’t like bullies. I need to share that for me, Trump is like my big brother who is going to school to help get my stolen lunch money back!
    82% of America said we needed a change in our corrupting system. I believe that sometimes we need a “disrupter” to achieve this. The point is though, that when you get someone who will stand up and shake things up, you often get the “whole alpha package.” Much like Cyrus from the bible, I believe that Mr. Trump is the right person, given our options, for this moment in history. I care about our country’s solvency, sustainability and integrity. I want my family and yours to live in a truly tolerant, collaborative world.
    I was aligning myself to the message that we must bring chaos into order… it is with love and caring for the future of our country to put the brakes on tumbling down the tunnel of socialism… I proudly voted for the political outsider, Mr. Trump.

  10. love all the comments as they’re are helping inform my journey. Thank you Therese for kicking this off–I had my head in the sand for a few weeks dealing with my own sense of loss and questioning. This post and replies are helping me in my discerning what’s next. I feel a calling to make a difference and am being incredibly curious about what that looks like going forward. I am looking forward to many “and” discussions with people from all sides of this political division that we’re navigating–Let’s come together to create something better