About Therese | Founder and CEO

In her speaking and coaching, Therese Kienast combines humor, a tender heart, tough love and powerful truths, leading her clients to success. She defines success as “creating life the way you want it — having fun, doing what you love and realizing the results you want!”

Therese is founder and principal of People Builders Inc., a company dedicated to individuals designing their life and their dreams. Having coached for over the past fourteen years, she partners with executives and entrepreneurs to clearly define what they want in their lives and then powerfully create that! She is also Founder of Radical Leadership, which is a program designed for leaders to radically lead from a place of personal power and unique Essence; thereby empowering their staff and associates to create from passion and a deep sense of purpose. The word “radical” means rooted, foundational and fundamental as well as extreme & drastic; this paradox is an important part of the Radical Leadership Program. This pioneering leadership program is for those leaders committed to powerfully creating their future and the future of those around them with a compelling vision.

During her past sixteen years as a coach, Therese has trained coaches around the world for The Coaches Training Institute; designed and delivered coaching courses to managers in several Fortune 100 Companies; is recognized as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and is a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute’s Certified Professional Co-Active Coaching Course (CPCC). Therese has also been an on-going leader in developing the coaching community in Chicago and around the world. She is known as a “coach-of-coaches” and has served as Past President of the International Coaching Society. She brings twenty plus years of experience in sales, management and entrepreneurship to the coaching partnership.

Therese has been a presenter at the ICF International Coaching Conference, the Midwest Coaching Conference, and workshop host at the ICF Chicago Chapter as well as a featured guest on ABC Chicago Channel 7′s Morning Show. She recently presented at NASA’s UNCSF Program in Alabama, LA and at IBM’s Technical Leadership Exchange Conference in both Anaheim, CA and Paris, France.

Clients include IBM, UNCSFP, NASA, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Siemens, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Tuthill Corporation, University of Chicago Hospitals, and many others.