Creating Possibilities through Power of Authenticity

It is very satisfying being the facilitator of my clients’ authentic transformation from a good company to a great company! Particularly when Radical Leadership’s “power of authenticity” principles and training are instrumental in creating authentic workplaces.

During an In View segment, that aired on the Discovery Channel, Tuthill Corporation’s Chairman Jay Tuthill states “Radical Leadership founder Therese Kienast helped me understand the awesome power of authenticity and creating an authentic workplace, a Conscious Company.”

The awesome power of authenticity that Tuthill Corporation and its over 2,400 employees have benefited through attending Radical Leadership retreats and workshops can also be yours.

Radical Leadership promotes authenticity because it is more powerful. When a person is authentic they are more engaged, inviting, connected, creative and just plain happier. When people aren’t authentic, they are using personas and personalities to be something or someone they are not and this takes up tons of energy because it causes resistance, disconnection, and conflict. Being authentic makes it easier to get things done faster, with fewer resources and with more creative results.

The Edge Of Possiblity
Therese Kienast, MCC, CPCC
Founder and CEO