Know this One Thing!

Where you put your attention is what informs your life. Like photography, it matters where you’re looking when you take the snapshot. While that’s true, what may surprise you is just how your lens limits your view regardless of what you’ve focused on.

What ways will the world move when you do this?

Until we own our power to create … we are doomed. Doomed to a life of reaction, overwhelm, stress, never being or having enough, and all kinds of struggle and suffering. The truth is that life doesn’t have to be this way, and the key to unlocking a whole new world of possibilities is already inside of you! Believe. It’s there … trust me....

Venting? Yikes! Don’t get any on ya!

A distinction that makes all the difference. Let’s say someone comes up to you and says, “I have to vent a minute …” What do you do? If it were me, I’d say, “Please don’t.” While the energy of whatever is going on with that person is best released, venting won’t do the job! You see, venting is quite different from...

Radical Leadership Get Out of Jail Card Issued to YOU!

Allow me to introduce you to the Trickster; a part of yourself you may not have even realized was there, and at the same time, I’d bet a year’s salary you’ve met this part of you and gotten its message loud and clear along your way.

Radical Leadership Case Studies

Below are a few case studies to learn about challenges we have helped our clients successfully overcome.