Case Study – General Manager, Event Production Company

Individual       GM Event Production Company
Situation   She felt run over all the time with a never-ending workload. No matter what she did, someone was always complaining. She was consumed by things to do and felt constantly overwhelmed, crabby, demanding, frustrated, miserable, exhausted and terrified of dropping the ball.
Intention   To have some fun again and not feel so swamped all of the time.
Personal Discovery   That she was giving away her power ball. She realized she was telling herself not to want anything because it probably wouldn’t happen anyway.
Change as
Result of RL
  She got clear about what she wanted and learned to trust that. She discovered the difference between a real, committed “yes” and an acquiesce, learned techniques to shift her communication and her own perspective, which took the pressure off and instantly lightened her load.
Comments   It was like I flipped a switch! I stepped out of RL feeling at peace and so alive. Now I’m having the time of my life in my work and everything I’m up to (and so are those around me). It’s all a lot easier and so much more fun.”