Case Study: Mid-Level Manager

Individual       Mid-level manager, Fortune 100 Company
Situation   She was always frustrated that people weren’t doing enough or doing things right. Her team was unhappy too.
Intention   She wanted to be a stand for excellence and achievement and have everyone performing at their personal best.
Personal Discovery   She discovered she was demanding and dictating, so people were resisting her. When she got in relationship with others and opened up a dialogue with them about what they wanted, she discovered that often they both wanted the same things: excellence, achievement, and everyone performing at their personal best.
Change as
Result of RL
  She began to wonder what others wanted and became interested in serving them, rather than feeling a pressure to perform perfectly as a boss. She found that when she related to others that way, she got what she wanted, others got what they wanted – everyone wins and is fulfilled.
Comments   RL is a gift I could never put a price on, and it is cultivating amazing results all around me — in ways I could never have imagined!”