Case Study: President of a mid-sized company

Individual       President of a mid-sized company
Situation   Frustrated with people and felt like he had to do everything to get it done right
Intention   Wanted to trust others, let go of control and co-create a new, successful organization with his team.
Personal Discovery   He discovered that he was the problem. It was actually his own belief(s) that kept him needing to control, and it was his distrust of people that kept them from showing up powerfully.
Change as
Result of RL
  He now has an organization where people love coming to work and more than that, they take ownership of the company’s success.
Comments   When he shifted his beliefs, it transformed how he related to others – he trusted them; then they showed up trustworthy. He now enjoys co-creating things and easily delegates without needing to micro-manage. Everyone is happier and more brilliant as a result of this.