The best of the best, even Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey, have coaches. Why? Because they know they can do “it” faster, better, easier and get even more outrageous results with the support of a coach – and you can too. Excellence thrives on growth. It needs a place to grow, be nourished, challenged and called forth.


Your Radical Leadership coach will challenge you, hold up the mirror so you can see yourself (good news and tough news), call you on your stuff and let you know when you are stepping over something that is not creating what you want. He or she will continuously call you forth to play a game that is worthy of your life.

Schedule your Discovery Session Today. This initial 90 minute investment in your life will leave you with a clear understanding of your values, what you want to create, your unique passion and purpose, where you have been selling out on yourself and others, and playing small, where you are on the journey, & what it will look like to get there. Also included in this session includes a DiSC personal profile which will uncover your personal style.

Partner with an expert Radical Leadership and Living coach and discover what has you come totally alive, what you resist, and how to choose powerfully in any given situation. Create the results you want faster and enjoy your life more along the way!

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Leadership is getting someone to do what they don’t want to do to achieve what they want to achieve.” – Tom Landry.

Leadership is not a destiny, it’s a decision.” – Therese Kienast

Choose to develop your people it will give you a lifetime return. As people get promoted because of their skills, they can find themselves in leadership positions which requires a whole new set of skills to master. Coaching can support this expansion to create a vision, hold that vision and inspire others around it. Leadership is about compelling and inspiring others to a worthy action.

Call or email to book a private workshop for your group.
PH: 847-398-9331 or Email: