Radical Leadership Coach Training for Managers

Tell a person what to do, and you create a passive employee.

Teach a person how to discover what needs to be done, and you’ve co-created powerful leadership.

Proven to empower leaders from all business fields, holding positions in middle to the highest levels of management and leadership, the Radical Leadership Coach Training Program supports your leaders in becoming significantly more effective in helping others reach their potential.

Radical in concept, we know your people are far more brilliant than they are letting on and that it is culturalized habit that keeps them from creating what they want. Imagine your workforce full of managers skilled in calling forth their reports, sharing tough truths while stretching people beyond their self-imposed limitations and holding them accountable for their actions and outcomes. Now imagine your workforce actively engaged in the process and WANTING to continue to reach and grow.

At the end of this two day program, participants will:

  • demonstrate a wide range of coaching skills
  • recognize the value of using coaching to develop leaders
  • know how and when to make the shift from boss to coach
  • deepen their ability to cultivating greatness in themselves and others


This 2-day course includes 6 hours of group coaching to deepen and anchor the learning and support you in carrying it out in your daily life.
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