Engaged and Alive!

A 4-hour highly engaging workshop that will transform your employees from passive to passionate.

What’s Radical about being Engaged and Alive!?
100% Authentic transformation in perspective and productivity.

Disengagement is the direct result of individuals feeling disconnected, discouraged and dis-empowered. As a result of these beliefs, people withdraw their energy, ideas, talents; go passive, go resistant and rationally start to disconnect from customers, colleagues and themselves. This can then go viral, impacting and de-energizing  your entire organization. People want to bring their best. They just don’t know what’s getting in their way.

In this four-hour, highly engaging and interactive workshop, employees and employers quickly recognized the negative affects disengagement has in the workplace, including how costly being disengaged can be for everyone.

Engaged and Alive! participants learn specific tools for determining who is responsible for what, identify what’s getting in their way, what’s compromising their purpose and passion, and deliberate steps to Fast-track proven, sustainable results.

When your people are Engaged and Alive! they will bring you their very best!

  • Teams work more effectively and collaborative
  • Meetings become more powerful and productive
  • Priceless, discretionary effort is offered
  • Connections, customer service and communications are enhanced
  • People know they matter and their efforts make a difference
  • Creativity, innovation and excellence become the norm

Program Location and Dates:
Designed to accommodate your group’s needs. Group size may vary.

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