Inspire Magnificence, Passion, Accountability, Creativity & TrACTION!
Transform your entire company from good to excellent with Radical Leadership’s IMPACT Series.

You and your people will be inspired and come alive at work again through these highly interactive workshops held at your facility or an offsite location of your choice.

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Foundation Course: Engaged and Alive at Work!

In this four-hour, highly engaging & interactive workshop, employees and employers quickly see how wide spread disengagement is in the workplace, and just how costly that can be for everyone.  In this program they learn specific tools for determining who is responsible for what, identify what’s getting in their way, what’s compromising their purpose and passion, and concrete steps for creating more of what they want; thereby creating an environment that is engaging, alive, productive and lucrative for all.


Course #2: Life Off the Trickster’s Triangle

Drama in the workplace is pricey and creates confusion and dissension for everyone. Discover the innocent patterns that default to create deadly results.  In this program we provide access to tools that will help you choose your impact, show up powerfully and get results that support everyone’s success. Companies create immediate results when people connect authentically and creatively rather than with resistance and reactivity.


Course #3: Accessing Your Essence

Any leader knows that having a compelling vision is a key requirement for creating a successful environment; however, few people understand how to create a context that inspires and enriches day-to-day routines. In this 4-hour program you will learn to identify the two different aspects of yourself; what their function and purpose is and how to utilize them to generate the results you want. Once these two different parts of you are understood, integrated and leveraged, your work-life will become imbued with a sense of clarity, purpose and passion.


Course #4: Designed Partnerships

Confusion, chaos and costly misunderstandings will become a rare occurrence when involved parties learn to take responsibility for creating a Designed Partnership™.  A Designed Partnership is an ongoing, movable, changeable contract that supports people in being clear, concise and intentional about their part in any desired outcome. Assumptions fall away and authentic, powerful conversations will generate unlimited possibilities. A Designed Partnership can be utilized to run a meeting, a project, a department or a company; and can be used in any circumstance where people want to honor one another and not make costly mistakes.


Course #5: Leading Powerful Meetings

Ever feel like you are having the same meetings again and again where nothing is getting done? Stop the INSANITY! And start generating RESULTS! Just some of the insights included in this power packed, eye-opening, ½-day session include: how to cultivate conflict for the sake of continuous improvement; how to create space for everyone to contribute; learn when to speak up and when not to and learn how to get where you want to go with every meeting you hold.


Course #6: Radical Responsibility

This powerful course is specifically designed to help companies get through tough times.  It’s important that “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” and that can be inviting, exciting and a wonderful challenge for creating even more opportunities.  Most employees, and even employers, react from fear when times are challenging and that can create a contraction of all resources, commitments, customer service and creative interactions.  Now, when your people are needed more than ever, make sure they are available emotionally and mentally to engage the customer and clients while delivering outstanding results.


Course #7: Innovation: Living on The Edge of Possibility…TM

Innovation is about A life lived on The Edge of Possibility…™ ALIVENESS, risk and adventure await! You’ll be stretching and growing, and living into your potential. Discover the place where you are jazzed and alive, titillated and vibrant. To get there takes all of you. Take a close look at the side of your personality you show up with, and the parts you are hiding. Make a commitment to risking… for the sake of everything.