Radical Leadership II


Signature Series Retreat Intensive
Radical Leadership II (RL II) is the second in the transformational RL Signature Series three-day intensive retreats. In an intimate group of 12 – 14 participants you will stretch and grow what you discovered in RL I. Through experiential learning you’ll test assumptions and peel away layers of old thinking that have gotten in your way and anchor this learning in your body at the cellular level. RL II gracefully takes you to the “edge” to explore what’s possible and inspires you to commit to the next level of your leadership and your life!

If you learn and use this proven material you will: deepen and embody your vision; live from your most powerful and creative place even when challenged by fear; develop your leadership strengths and skills to engage others at profound levels. Live with clarity and purpose, have fun and celebrate your power to create what you want regardless of any circumstance!

This transformational course includes the 3-day retreat experience and 6 group coaching calls to deepen, anchor and integrate the learning into your life.

In an intimate group of 12-14 participants, you will:

  • Deepen and embody your vision
  • Live from Essence when challenged by fear
  • Develop your leadership strengths and skills to bring out the Essence in others
  • Receive rigorous feedback that will support you living with clarity and purpose
  • Have fun and celebrate from your power and Essence


Retreat Price: $3497 per person
Rooms: $149 + +
Meals are included.


April 9-11, 2018 (FL)
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