Venting? Yikes! Don’t get any on ya!

A distinction that makes all the difference.

Let’s say someone comes up to you and says, “I have to vent a minute …” What do you do? If it were me, I’d say, “Please don’t.” While the energy of whatever is going on with that person is best released, venting won’t do the job!

You see, venting is quite different from releasing energy and clearing space for what’s next. This seemingly simple distinction in communication makes all the difference. Venting for the sake of venting is like vomiting. It splashes and sticks everywhere. That’s because the act of venting is missing something important! It’s missing the intention to clear and move forward.

By declaring an intention to clear and move forward, you add a powerful release to the negativity of the circumstance, and energetically you start to move yourself into what we call in Radical Leadership “what’s needed and what’s next.” You choose consciously to move beyond the circumstance. Your intention is like a path to walk on as you release the energy. It leads you toward where you want to go, and away from where you’ve been.

The power of your intention is magnetic! It actually pulls you toward who you want to be – past the circumstance and into what you want to create instead.

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By Therese Kienast MCC, CPCC
Founder of Radical Leadership