Read what some of our clients have had to say about their Radical Leadership transformation.

“The Radical Leadership experience impacts one’s ability to be an effective leader. You would be pleased to know that in addition to reinforcing my focus on remaining in essence, I regularly pass on what I gained from the Radical Leadership experience to others, both personally and professionally. I believe that the Radical Leadership experience not only impacts one’s ability to be an effective leader, but provides an approach to navigating life and the humanity of those we encounter along the way. Staying in essence is certainly not easy, but worth it. Thanks for intersecting my path.”

Michael J. Hester, Vice President & COO | UNCF Special Programs Corporation

“Therese and Radical Leadership can open a world to you that is more profitable, prosperous and sustainable than you ever thought possible.”

PJ McClure, author of Flip the S.W.I.T.C.H. shares about his experience with Radical Leadership.

“The single best personal development course I have taken in my life.”

Michael Charest, President, Business Growth Solutions | Business Coach, Speaker, Author

“We could set the world on fire and EVERYONE would want what we have.”

Joy Moore, Owner, GPS For Your Career

“I had a sense that my life was less than it could be, that I was getting in my way. My question was answered.”

Mary Pat Byrn, Professor at William Mitchell College of Law shares about her experience with Radical Leadership.

“My want for you is to live a juicy life in your Essence – forever expanding.”

Colleen Larson, Real Estate Agent

“I take from this a feeling of wholeness I haven’t felt ever in my life.”

Art Rudd, Owner, Custom Powder shares his experience of Radical Leadership.

“Everyone is welcome to explore here. It’s magical and everyone, including me, came alive to their own gifts (Essence) at their pace and from where they began.”

Anni Boyum, Target Executive Coach

“We could set the world on fire and EVERYONE would want what we have. I want you to go to Radical Leadership with Therese Kienast and her team. If your first response is “what is Radical Leadership?” my simple answer is it’s 3 days that will change your life. If your first response is “I don’t need that”….that’s a sure sign YOU DO! (take it from someone who said I don’t need that!) Radical Leadership is about leading in ALL areas of our lives, family, friends and work.  One of my biggest “aha’s” was the walls I’ve put up to protect myself and how I often come off as aloof, arrogant, unapproachable, disconnected (add your word here.)  That is not who I am and who I want to be, and Radical Leadership has freed me to be “Joy” in every meaning of that word. There are lots of excuses:  “I don’t need this,” “I already know this stuff,” “I’m better than this,” “I’m afraid,” “I can’t afford it.”  My response:  This is for everyone and it will transform your life. It’s love, it’s safe and find a way.  We could set the world on fire and EVERYONE would want what we have.”

Joy Moore, Owner | GPS For Your Career

“It’s amazing. Be prepared to open your eyes to see yourself.”

Heather Porps, Graphic Designer | Badgerland Products, Inc.

“This is the best thing I have ever done for my soul. I can feel the balance again. Rather than empty, I feel like I am overflowing with all the characteristics that make up essence and I am looking forward to making this a permanent waterfall in my body. I am looking forward to making this a permanent waterfall in my body.  Even my forehead feels relaxed. I was worried I was getting wrinkles, but now… no wrinkles here! The best part is recognizing the choice, taking a deep breath and choosing from my heart.”

Janine Urbina, Inspired Entrepreneur

“Attending Radical Leadership was the single best personal development course I have taken in my life. Therese Kienast and her team are, in a word…AMAZING.

You will learn in the training that this is the ultimate in self-awareness, peace of mind, and selfmastery! There are a lot of Leadership programs on the market, but simply put…none like this. Words do not adequately describe the impact this will have on your personal and professional life. You simply must experience it. I urge you to attend this life-changing program.One of many things I learned was how “being a hero” is wreaking havoc in my life and I am committed to ending this. I also now fully appreciate the value of my services…I came back from Radical Leadership and had the best sales week of my entire business career, including a $26,000 day! Talk about an impact… Mentally, Spiritually, and Financially! Please, get to Radical Leadership!”

Michael Charest, President |  Business Growth Solutions

“It offers a whole new way of being a leader. Radical Leadership is an amazing approach that is unique and effective, both for the corporate world and for our everyday life concerns. As a coach, I have used the learning from this training with my clients. It has been especially useful in hearing new insights, creating powerful questions and speaking with direct and caring clarity. The philosophy and methodology is powerful in creating awareness, designing actions, planning and goal setting, and managing progress and accountability. All of this plus 28.5 CCEU’s in the core competencies for ICF credentialing makes this program a valuable must for any coach interested in mastery! As a person, it has opened my eyes to the hidden patterns that needed to be revealed and revised. I emerged from this retreat, refreshed and with new tools for happier and more effective living and coaching.”

Karen Staib Duffy, President and Executive Coach  | Quantum Development Coaching

“Enabled me to connect with the humanity of others. Radical Leadership helped me develop a greater awareness of my impact on people and situations, which is enabling me to connect with the humanity of others. I can now more clearly see the gifts, talents and uniqueness of each individual I work with. The result: More collaboration, creativity, higher performance, plus an intense satisfaction in the work I am doing with my colleagues”

Susan Valdisseri, Program Manager | Fortune 100 Company, Chicago, Illinois