Know this One Thing!

Where you put your attention is what informs your life. Like photography, it matters where you’re looking when you take the snapshot. While that’s true, what may surprise you is just how your lens limits your view regardless of what you’ve focused on.

For example, what if I go to Chicago and I take a photo of the roughest neighborhood in the city. Is that Chicago?

What if on a trip to Chicago, I take photos of the Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier, the boats rushing by, and the skyline so elegantly positioned on the water front. Is that Chicago?

The truth is, Chicago is much more than either one of those views, or even both of them put together. And yet we are doing that to ourselves and to others all day long! We take a snapshot or a group of snapshots and call them “you” or “me” as if they make up a definition of who we are.

Whether they are beautiful snapshots or challenging ones, they are absolutely not all of you. There is a much bigger picture we can’t even begin to see in such small segments. And the information outside the views of our lens is crucial.

Let’s go back to the example of photos of Chicago for a moment. If I use the snapshot of the roughest neighborhood in Chicago to prepare for a trip to the city, how am I going to show up? I’ll want my own guns and protective gear, right?

Let’s say I go to Navy Pier wearing all that gear. What kind of experience will I have? It would be difficult for me to have a lot of fun because I’d be all closed up and ready for a fight, wouldn’t I?

There is a whole spectrum of possibilities between and beyond those two viewpoints. Now that we have a new awareness of that, the question we want to be asking ourselves is, “What would it take to come to any situation curious, ready to have fun, and just enjoy?

All of life is here for us to be present and make choices moment to moment. It’s about being right here, right now, and the experience of being alive without filters or preconceived notions. This is where our power to create lies. It all starts with your awareness of your own perspectives.

So, where are you pointing your camera? Do you know what lens or lenses are limiting your view? What’s outside those snapshots? What’s the full spectrum of possibility for you?

Come and up the ante on your Awareness with us. You’ll likely be surprised at just what you’ve been defaulting to.