A New Frontier

In this day-and-age what does it mean for an organization to be “healthy?” What impact does the level of health create? And what can you do about it to create more powerful results?

The impact that has been measured as the standard for healthy organizations include— success, stability, share of the market, sustainability — but now, there’s a new kind of health that is required to carry your company into the future — and that health has to do with the relationships, connections, sense of community, ability to embrace and work through conflict, move through chaos, welcome change, listening.

The health and well being of a company is generated from the health and well being of the people in the organization, To be healthy means to be vibrant, alive, thriving, robust, strong and fit and while these words certainly can be applied to the individual, they are also reflective qualities of a successful, sustainable organization.

Gallup statistics show that nearly 3 out of every 4 people are actively disengaged at work costing the U.S. $370BILLION annually in lost productivity. This modern malaise shows up as stress, overwhelm, stonewalling, mediocrity and doing just enough to get by. This viral pattern keeps companies from being competitive, cutting edge, and assuring success and sustainability, not to mention the impact on individuals living discouraging and disenchanted lives.

Bottom line! The costs are staggering for both the company and the individual — financially, relationally, spiritually and socially. Why is this happening? And what can you do to shift this to a new, healthy frontier?

It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated to break this common pattern, and our client have proved it.

In as little as 90 days, our clients have transformed entire company populations from heads down, hating to go to work to fully engaged, alive, and generating leading edge results in their industries, and you can too.

Living as Radical Leaders means your teams will have the tools to find their own crucial behaviors to make a dramatic difference each and every day. Radical Leadership’s 4 Hour Workshops, Signature Series Retreats, and Coaching have transformed entire company cultures from heads down hating to go to work to fully engaged, alive and cutting edge producers in as few as 90 days.

Leadership is everyone’s business. Everyone’s responsibility!

“Prior to Radical Leadership if someone had asked me to rank my leadership on a scale of 1-10 I’d have given myself an 8 or a 9. Through Radical Leadership, I discovered a whole new scale.”
Greg Rocque, President
Fairrington Transportation

“It’s so interesting how those three days at Radical Leadership had such an impact on my thinking . . . and now I wonder why everyone doesn’t thing this way!”
Jane Lundstrom, Author
Business Owner