A Radical Recipe for a Great Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving often brings to mind visions of family friends and Norman Rockwell moments.

If this year has you feeling anxious about what the dinner conversations may bring, you are not alone. This year we up the ante with the recent US Presidential election. Adding spices and stuffing to “What to Talk about” or “How to Avoid talking about it.”

The challenge is, that anticipating the worst for the upcoming holiday, will only help in creating the worst possible outcome. Instead, be intentional about creating what you DO want!

What I mean by that is Thanksgiving is full of choices:

  • What to make for dinner
  • Who will host
  • What to Bring
  • What to Wear
  • What to Share   

You also get to choose what to talk about and it seems like this year, the potential for heated arguments and sticky conversations is particularly high.

Even in the best of times, the holidays can be a Grand Invitation to jump on the Trickster’s Triangle®. Remember, whenever you get an invitation you get to RSVP with an accept or decline, right?  

That’s such good news!!  

You can accept or decline, by choice, any topic of conversation. You may listen openly, be curious about another’s perspective, and appreciate the person talking.  You may also jump on the triangle in judgment, justification & fear.   

We all have a choice. How are you going to contribute to Thanksgiving this year?   

Check in with your heart, what experience do you want to have at Thanksgiving this year, and will you commit to showing up and bringing that to the table?

Remember,  All good things come from Essence Level I.  What do you want from your heart for these relationships?  It is so tempting to fixate on what you don’t want, and go into resistance. “I don’t want to get trapped into a conversation and fight with my in-laws,” or “I don’t want to have to listen to the same drama again this year.” Instead of focusing on what you don’t want, get clear about what you do want!

What would be possible if you saw all members of your Thanksgiving gatherings as “a soul who’s organ he or she is“?

How would that shift the relationship?

How will that shift your Thanksgiving experience?

As you are thinking about the infinite possibilities of what you WOULD like to bring to Thanksgiving besides the green bean casserole or the sweet potato pie, here are a few simple suggestions:

Ingredients For a great Thanksgiving

  • Awareness with Grace
  • Come from Essence, “a little dab with do ya”
  • Be Curious
  • Be Compassionate  
  • Bring Joy
  • Bring Love
  • Create Connection
  • Express Openness 
  • Be Intentional
  • Be a Radical Leader

As we gather with our loved ones this holiday, know that the RL team is sending you our love and appreciation for who we know you to be. We are grateful that you are a part of this community, and we hold you in our hearts.

Anni, Therese, Colleen, and Therese


  1. Beautiful way to call us all forth as Radical Leaders. I look forward to being with family from creating connection, joy and love.

    I am grateful to you all and so happy to call you my friend. Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for continuing to bring Radical Leadership to the world… Especially now. Know that I am evolving myself as a Radical Leader in this critical time of conscious awakening and responsibility.

    Yours in Consciousness,

  2. Vickie Roeber /

    Holiday Greetings to you – Thank You for your thoughts.

  3. Good choices! It’s been a while since I attended a Radical Leadership and I appreciate your emails. I play in our contemporary band at church and when I hear all the wonderful music that surrounds me, I’m in my essence. Unfortunately when I hear all the noise that surrounds me at work, I forget it. Thank you for your reminder. I’m going to work on turning my music higher this week.

  4. So lovely to hear from you! I hope your Holidays are awesome!!

  5. Hi George, Such a beautiful offer to turn up our music! thank you for your gifts!!