What was it you wanted?

Power is an amazing gift that we all have, no matter who we are, where we are from, how much we make or what our nationality is — we all have power. Like having 24 hours in a day, our personal power is an equalizer! It is our privilege and right to intentionally use our power to shape our environment – to create the kind of world we want to live in.

How do we do that? The magic wand is choice! We wield our power and carry our voice out into the world on a daily basis through our choices. Through every yes and every no. We are shaping our world with what we purchase, what we watch on TV, what we search for in Google, the conversations we’re having, where we invest our time, how we treat others and much more.

Are you using this privilege to intentionally create what you want or defaulting and creating unintentional impact (maybe even creating what you don’t want)?

That’s why it’s crucial for you to know what you want. For instance, in this recent election there is something you wanted when you voted (or even if you didn’t vote). What was that? Did you want someone who had experience in business, or politics? Did you want someone who was exclusive or inclusive? Did you want someone who would take bold risks or calculated risks? What, exactly were you saying yes to and no to with this choice?

It’s important that you know what you want (or wanted) because power does not reside in the voting booth,; nor does it end with any election. It resides here and now in you. If you want it, you bring it! How do you take your own heart’s desires and fulfill them? If being an American and using your vote to exercise your God-given freedom matters to you, now is the time to lean in and really take personal responsibility for creating what you do want!

The word power in French means, “to be able.” Now that the election is over, what will you elect to do? What are you able to do today and every day to partner with any president or anyone to create the kind of world you want?

If you don’t know what you want, and you don’t take responsibility for creating that you have only two places to go: One is the land of “I wish, I hope” (which in English means “highly unlikely”) and and the other is to victimhood. Victimhood is a favorite for many because when you live there, nothing much is required of you. In fact, as Dr. Seuss would say, you are in the waiting place. Waiting for what? Waiting for someone to guess what you want, waiting for someone to make you happy, waiting for someone to pay you what you want, treat you the way you want. What! Personally, I don’t want anyone to have control over those things other than me!

Radical responsibility is the only way to live powerfully in the world, because your own choices, actions and behaviors are the only things you can control. But when you do take full ownership of those and you get clear about what you want and intentional about creating those things, watch the miracles that happen and more importantly, feel the freedom you have inside yourself! The freedom to choose, the freedom to take charge of your own life, the freedom of ownership, the exhilaration of possibility that blows down the prison bars of boredom, chaos and indecision and empowers you with meaning and purpose!

An example of this is Jennifer. Jennifer was a client who was referred to me just over two years ago. She came to the introduction call complaining about her boss and the men in the office: “They don’t listen to me.” She whined. She wasn’t sure about her marriage either because her husband wasn’t “fiscally responsible.” She said she was dragging herself out of bed every morning and couldn’t do this any longer and wanted to know if she should quit. I shared with her that we didn’t know that yet. That our work together would help her get clear about what she wanted, have her take responsibility for creating that and then she could decide what to do with more clarity.

Jennifer now works in the same place and loves her job. The men who wouldn’t listen to her are now coming to her for advice; she’s jumping out of bed doing what she loves (because she also redesigned her job with her boss). She was also given two unexpected and very attractive raises and her commitment to the marriage locked solidly in place. In fact, she and her husband built the house they had dreamed of, the house that had been on “hold” during these tough times.

How did this all happen inside of six months? Simple. Jennifer got clear about what she wanted and she took full responsibility for giving up her victimhood position and the waiting place for the Creating Place!

You too can do that! You, too, have the power to create what you want and to have your passion and dreams come to life.

If you’d like support in helping you do this, I’d be honored to help you do that. Just call me and either I, or one of our amazing team members, can help you create and carry your voice out into the world. Powerfully. Intentionally!


  1. From the “waiting place” to the “creating place.” Nicely said!

  2. Sara Lebens /

    Wonderful article Therese! Fresh and powerful just like you!