The RL Team

Therese A. Kienast, Founder

In her speaking and coaching, Therese Kienast combines humor, a tender heart, tough love and powerful truths, leading her clients to success. She defines success as “creating life the way you want it — having fun, doing what you love and realizing the results you want!”

Therese is founder and principal of People Builders Inc., a company dedicated to individuals designing their life and their dreams. She partners with executives and entrepreneurs to clearly define what they want in their lives and then powerfully create that! She is also Founder of Radical Leadership, which is a program designed for leaders to radically lead from a place of personal power and unique Essence; thereby empowering their staff and associates to create from passion and a deep sense of purpose. The word “radical” means rooted, foundational and fundamental as well as extreme & drastic; this paradox is an important part of the Radical Leadership Program. This pioneering leadership program is for those leaders committed to powerfully creating their future and the future of those around them with a compelling vision.

During her past eighteen years as a coach, Therese has trained coaches around the world for The Coaches Training Institute; designed and delivered coaching courses to managers in several Fortune 100 Companies; is recognized as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and is a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute’s Certified Professional Co-Active Coaching Course (CPCC). Therese has also been an on-going leader in developing the coaching community in Chicago and around the world. She is known as a “coach-of-coaches” and has served as Past President of the International Coaching Society. She brings twenty plus years of experience in sales, management and entrepreneurship to the coaching partnership.

Therese has been a presenter at the ICF International Coaching Conference, the Midwest Coaching Conference, and workshop host at the ICF Chicago Chapter as well as a featured guest on ABC Chicago Channel 7′s Morning Show. She recently presented at NASA’s UNCSF Program in Alabama, LA and at IBM’s Technical Leadership Exchange Conference in both Anaheim, CA and Paris, France.

Clients include IBM, UNCSFP, NASA, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Siemens, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Tuthill Corporation, University of Chicago Hospitals, and many others.

Therese Sparby – President of Radical Leadership had always lived life by the book, expecting that if she followed the rules and made all of the right moves, she would live a happy and fulfilling life. NOT! Four years out of school she found that this was easier said than done and a few careers later, albeit successful ones, she found that it was getting more confusing than ever and found herself searching for more. Once introduced to Radical Leadership, Therese stopped seeking clarity and experienced it! She came alive and everyone around her was energized, empowered and intrigued by what she was creating.

As a Radical Living and Leadership Coach, Therese is the living example of a leader who wants others to follow in her footsteps; creating the impact they want, living in full awareness and aliveness and creating a world full of other Radical Leaders! Therese works with young, enterprising professionals who want the wisdom NOW that usually comes to people much later in life. The wisdom that YOU have your own answers and you already have everything you need to create the life you want. When she coaches you, you will find the personal power and clarity that you seek, and you will have authored your own life!

Radical Living & Leadership Coaches & Speakers

Ann Boyum Radical LeaderAnni Boyum – Certified Executive Coach and Mentor Coach. Truth Seeker. Transformational Coach. Inspirational Coach.

Anni supports people through key transitions at work, play, and in life. She create things people say “cannot be done” and loves the challenge of doing things that are “unprecedented.” She pioneered Target’s Executive Coaching Program in 2008 as their first dedicated coach and facilitator for coaching and leadership skills. Before leaving Target this program had expanded to World Class Status.

As a coach, Anni loves connecting with people and helping them realize their dreams. She specializes in coaching executives, their teams, their family members and other key relationships. She has several certifications to support the variety of needs of her clients.

Anni’s passionate about helping people reach their full potential in a career that aligns with their passions and skills. She models the way by mentoring and supervising coaches during their executive coaching certification program at the University of St. Thomas and by co-leading Radical Leadership retreats.

Colleen Larson is a powerful example of a person who owns her own power and is making an IMPACT daily. Do you own your own power? Are you making the IMPACT you want to have in your life? Colleen is a highly regarded and supercharged Life Coach for Executives and Individuals who have the desire to be Engaged & Alive at work and home. As a Radical Living and Leadership Coach, she transforms people’s lives! How? By helping her clients get off the triangle and create the life they desire with essence. The end result is her clients are now creating the life they always wanted and never knew could exist,until they spent time with Colleen. We all have the power to be Radical Leaders in this world so get ready…. your journey starts now!

Give wings to your dreams! Come alive again yourself, and discover the power self-inspired leadership for you and your teams! If your curiosity is peeked by Radical Leadership, Michelle will guide you to create these transformational and outrageous possibilities for your life and for those in your organization.